Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Texas Spring Oil Painting - Week Five

 It's just temporarily in the frame, as it isn't quite finished.  The flowers need work, I want more rocks beside the stream, and the white frothy ripples need to be added.  But I'm pretty pleased, overall.  This photo is not too good.  When I finish, I'll do better.

I got the frame with a Groupon at Jerry's Artarama.  Their prices are good to begin with, and with a Groupon, they're terrific.  They've had two this spring already, so I'm going to keep my eye out for additional ones.

 I bought a picture at an estate sale last Sunday, by Olva Hollowell, a local artist and teacher who is apparently moving.  The scene is from Padre Island, a place I love to visit.  It was a real steal, $45 for frame and all!

I also bought this tiny little landscape, about 4x5, painted on some kind of board.  I thought it was real sweet and have it on a stand by my TV.

I love estate sales!

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