Monday, September 30, 2013

Pears with Pitcher

My latest oil painting is of a pitcher with pears on a table top.

The teacher's painting was darker; it had more of an old-world vibe.  But I prefer a lighter look.

I'm scheduled for cataract surgery in a couple of weeks.  I'm wondering how this will change how I see paintings and colors.  I know that in dim light purples look like brown  Good grief!  I hope this pitcher isn't purple!

Update:  The cut pear looked like an apple and it had a certain Escher-like quality, so I made some changes.  I also added a branch of pear leaves to fill in the table space.  I still have issues with the "pearness" of the cut fruit.  There may be more changes...... 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle

Sometimes when it's too hot to move, I do a jigsaw puzzle at my kitchen table.  This is one that Alice gave me; it was in her pile of things destined for her next garage sale.

It has several "shaped" pieces.  I worked on those first, then the edges.  The hardest part was the last 50 or so - all solid red (maybe a LITTLE variation), with two "outies" and tow "innies".
It's a good exercise in color awareness, if nothing else.

It's now apart and waiting to go back to Alice's stack of stuff.