Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good-bye, Old Friend

I'm saying good-bye to an old, reliiable friend today.  The Accord and I were together for fifteen years.  It logged almost a quarter of a million miles for me. At an average of 30 MPG.

A good car.

But nothing lasts forever.  It had some body damage, a little bit of an oil leak, a malfunctioning lever or two - nothing unexpected for the age of the car.

Which is why I bought Buttercup two weeks ago.

I was pondering how to pass the Accord on, as I didn't want it reduced to scrap.  I debated listing it on Craigslist, but was too chicken to allow strangers to test drive it, either with or withour me along.  Couldn't find any friend or neighbor who had use of it.

So one afternoon I talked about it to my daughter.  She has a very creative mind.    After we talked about what I wanted and what I might like to do with it, she came up with a great idea.  She placed an ad in Craigslist offering to barter the Accord for a decomposed granite walkway which would go from my patio through the backyard, through the gate and around to the driveway.  NINE contractors responded!  My son in law researched them, talked to several, and picked one.  The three of us met and worked out a deal.

Now I have a walkway, Justin's little sister has a sturdy reliable car, and my daughter and son-in-law have my appreciation and thanks.   My friends can park on my driveway and walk around, avoiding the steps in the front.
My neighbors no longer have to look at a damaged car.
The junkyard will have some business, as Justin plans to buy a new hood and headlight there to replace the damaged ones.

A win-win for everyone except the car repair place!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New (to me) Recliner

My Son-in-law's mother and I gave him a new recliner for his birthday, so I inherited the old one. 

It looks great in my living room and will be a better spot for the occasional male visitor to sit.   It's bigger than the tub chair I had there, but not so massive that it takes over the living room.

I like the little blue side table next to it. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Baby Birds - Second Place Ribbon

My quilt Baby Birds (pattern is Birds in the Air) won a second place award in the Miniatures category at the 2014 Austin Area Quilt Guild (AAQG) show.

I am very pleased and proud and happy, as the astronauts wives used to say.

The quilt is16 inches by 19 inches.  About the size of a placemat.

The award is very special - AAQG always has hand-made medalians on its awards.

I worked on this quilt for over a year and a half - clearly not a lot at any one time, but it was tedious and required more precision than I am used to.  But I'm glad I did it.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Vintage C Clamps - used for quilt frame

One of the things I got from my grandmother's estate was a set of four C clamps. These were used to hold the boards of her quilt frame together as she quilted.  They appear to be hand-forged, not machine made.
I can remember helping her lay out her log cabin blocks and rearranging them to make a pretty design.  We spread out the yellows and reds to be sure that they were evenly distributed.

When I turned 21, in the mid 60s, she gave me a log cabin quilt of my own that included scraps from many of the dresses my mother had made me.  Some of the fabrics are disintegrating now, and I am carefully appliquing over them with like-appearing fabric in order to keep the quilt useable.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meet Buttercup

I've been waiting for MONTHS for my new car.  The old one got hit in late March and I declined to have it repaired.  It's a Honda Accord.  Fifteen years old and paid for.  Over two hundred thousand miles on it.

So, from the ads, I chose a new Honda Fit. In yellow.  With a manual transmission, as I have fifty years of muscle memory hitting that clutch.  I got my license at 14, which was quite some time ago.

Unfortunately, this was the time that Honda was changing things around a lot.  The plant was moved to Mexico.  No 2014 Fits were made.   The 2015s started rolling off the lines this summer, but Austin didn't get any untill August. And the frist few batches all had  automatic transmissions.   Besides, there were no yellow ones.

In August, my daughter made some calls and found one for me and put down a deposit. It finally came in on September 8. In the showroom, under the halogen lights,  it looked greenish yellow, but outside, it was fine.                                                                                       
My daughter followed me to her house, where we showed it off to her husband and some friends.

The next day, my first venture was downtown to turn in my quilt to the quilt show.

Sunday, September 7, 2014



During my trip to Bremerton, we took a days trip into Seattle, riding the ferry over and back

Mr. Bun liked watching the other boats.

This wooden Tall Ship was particularly interesting,


Pikes Market Place was a fascinatin collage of booths - flowers, lavendar, crafted items, vegetables, fish (the ones that are thrown around in the booth attract quite a crowd) , books, artwork, - a little bit of everything.

We had a wonderful seafood lunch at The Pink Door - the restaurant has only one teeny sign, but is very, very popular.  We had no reservations and were lucky to get a table on the patio, overlooking the harbor. 

Back to Bremerton before rush hour.