Tuesday, October 29, 2019


I don't decorate a whole lot at Halloween, as I am rarely home for the actual event.  The International Quilt Show in Houston is usually scheduled that week and I have attended all but one show for the past 30 some odd years.

But I did get all my little pieces out and pinned them to the Vanilla Quilt which is on my living room wall.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Quilts of Valor

Our quilt guild in Pflugerville honored WWII and Korean war veterans last year on Veterans Day by giving them quilts. There were only five attending. But it was a lovely ceremony and I enjoyed talking to several of them. I had made some star blocks for one of the quilts and it was nice to know that it was appreciated.

For the next year, we plan to honor Vietnam vets.

So I made this quilt and donated it. Sarah quilted it and it's ready to go.  The pattern was taken from a blog - MaryQuilts.com.

(This picture shows the completed top pinned to an existing quilt that is on my living room wall.  The vanilla-colored blocks are not part of this QoV.)

I enjoyed doing this so much that I made a set of brown and blue blocks and put them together for another QoV. This one was quilted by a fellow guild member, Sarah, as was the above rail fence quilt with stars.

This spring, the guild had a challenge and issued panels, to be made into Quilts of Valor.   Having just done several panel quilts for Christmas, I thought it would be fun.

For the Challenge, I took a flag panel.   I went through my stash and selected fabrics which played well with the panel and took the whole set to a retreat.   There, I found a border treatment I liked and computed how many units I needed.   I put all of it up on a design wall and figured out the size of the coping strips needed.  One area was too large, so I asked for help and Carolyn suggested a checkerboard.  That worked great.

My bee-sister Laura quilted this one gratis in gold thread with stars and wavy stripes.   Really looks good.

I've entered it into a local quilt show in September.  I put the sleeve on so that the field of stars is in the upper left.

At the next meeting, there were panels left over.  I took one with an eagle soaring over forest and mountains.  It was pretty dark, but I found a piece of grey that worked well and other supporting colors.   (I had bought this as part of a kit from a friend who was trying to lighten up her stash.)

Back to the design wall I went.   I made some Easy Braid again.   My friend Kitty came over one day while I worked on it.  She noted that the whole thing was pretty dark, so I looked in my batiks and found some very light cream and gray and gold strips that lightened things up a bit.  (the picture is a little lighter in person.)

Sarah quilted this one with stars.

This was so much fun I got another panel. 
I had no more of the dark gray, but had a lighter one that worked well.    Laura quilted this one with stars and circles, which echoed the backing.

These felt very good to make.  Can't wait until October, when we'll present them to VietNam veterans,


Yet another dog portrait.  This one is of Lucy, my neighbor's dog. 
I did this last year but don't seem to have posted it before.
Lucy loves to come over and explore.   She's a very sweet dog.

 I thought, at the time, that I had done pretty well.  But now I look at it and she looks a little fierce. 

Lucy is not and will never be fierce   She's shy and sweet. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Christmas Presents fot the Great-Grands

This summer I participated in a Panel challenge with my local quilt guild.  I made this quilt and really enjoyed the process

So I got another panel out of my fabric collection.   This one was of a road scene with buildings and vehicles.   I pulled out a set of orphan blocks and finished it.

  I used additional orphan blocks to widen the backing that I had chosen.  When my granddaughter saw it, she exclaimed that her nephew, my ggson, would love it. 

But he's two, and I knew if I gave him a quilt, his four year old sister would expect one, too.
So I found a floral panel and finished it for her.   She loves yellow, so I found a wonderful Moda Grunge yellow for the border.

Then my son-in-law (their 56yo grandfather)  got sick, had surgery, suffered a cardiac arrest, went into a coma, and passed away.

Christmas loomed and I didn't know what to give to the older two ggchildren.   Fortunately, I had given a dog-themed quilt to my local guild and was able to purchase it back.  I planned to give this one to my older ggson, age 10.
This is what it looked like when it was almost done.  Sarah Spence quilted it with cartoon puppies and bones and it looked great. 

I had a great pink/green/orange sampler top almost finished and I knew that my 12yo ggdaughter would love it.   But somehow, it got misplaced.   My sewing studio is small and fairly well organized, but that top just wasn't to be found!    So bright!   So almost finished! 

What to do!

My friends helped me search my condo for it and, although we didn't find the bright one, we found a small top that I really loved.   I hadn't had it finished because I liked it so much that I wanted to make it into a larger quilt.   So I dis-assembled it slightly, made 60 more blocks, and sewed the top together.  A local quilter did a speedy pantograph and ta-dah, it was done.

My daughter went to be with her grandchildren for Christmas.   I stayed home and took care of her dogs.   They seemed to like their quilts.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Earrings from Lizz

My great niece Lizz made me some earrings. 

Not too dangly.   Not too obtrusive. 

Just some nice little sparkle in a color that is a good one for me.


Friday, December 28, 2018

Life Changes

Music is art.

My son-in-law was a musician.   He loved to play drums and percussion and to sing.  His band didn't have a lot of gigs, but they enjoyed the ones they got and gave a good show.  The Special Friends services were particularly rewarding to him - he always came back home smiling from those!  He and his band always volunteered to play for the Memorial Day celebration.

Painting was his passion - he painted cars and boats and motorcycles.   Flames were his specialty.  But he was willing and happy to join in a Painting With a Twist Class from time to time with my daughter and me. 

He was active in his church theater productions.   He loved dressing up for Halloween, even wearing a Scooby costume one year.

In October, his heart gave out during a surgery due to a foot infection/abcess, which was related to his diabetes.   The doctors revived him and kept him breathing for more than two weeks, but he was unable to overcome his many physical problems.

He loved and appreciated my daughter.   He gave her wonderful bonus children and grandchildren.  Her life has changed so much and so has mine.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Quilting challenge

The makers of this fabric intended that the images be cut apart and assembled into a cloth book for a child.   I have no idea when or where I acquired it, but it bubbled up to the top of my unfinished projects pile.

And of course, I have difficulty following directions.  And I'd rather have a quilt than a book.

Soooo, I cut the pictures out and put them up on my design board.   I got out my "chunk box" of miscellaneous pieces of leftover fabric and started picking greens and browns and blues that might play well with dinosaurs.   It was surprising how many I found.

I started framing each of the pictures with random sizes of this fabric. 

Somewhere along the way I noticed the page numbers, which were in little white ovals in the corners.   Acrylic paint to the rescue!

Eventually, I finished with this.   I may keep it for a future gift or I may donate it to the Linus Connection project.