Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painting Class - Week 3

It's starting to shape up, isn't it?  This is my first ever oil painting.  The teacher, Elaiine Fowler, lives only a mile away, so it's easy to pop over for the once-a-week class.  
She paints a picture and brings us along for the ride.  She's great with colors.  I could use more help on the brush techniques, so I checked out a book from the Pflugerville library last night.  There are probably some online tutorials for me to watch, too.
I'm still working on how to "scumble".  I've done some watercolors before, but I don't remember having to "scumble".
And I need to learn more about the types of brushes and what you use when.  Sure wish my niece Debbi lived closer; I'm sure she could help me.  But I'll press on.

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't help you, but I would love to be learning along with you. I've never heard of scumbling, but it sounds like fun. I think your painting looks fantastic!