Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Friend Maxine

Thursday when my quilting friends came over, Maxine brought me a postcard she had come across in her house. It says "Louise" on the front, so she thought I would like it, as that was Mama's name. The postcard was mailed in 1906 by her Mother to her Aunt Louise, in Montana. Such a sweet gesture.

Today I went to her house in search of a crocheted yoke for the new dress I'm making and came home with a yoke and also a super dress with crinkled fabric and a crocheted yoke. Don't know what its intended use was, but I plan to wear it around the house. It's floaty and cool and seems beautiful to me.
I am blessed with so many good friends.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Party today

I'm having guests over today to celebrate a friend's second retirement. Will be interesting to see what her third career becomes. She's a beautiful and kind person. We met in the seventies when we worked together.
The other ladies are friends from work or work-networking, mostly. Haven't seen them in ages and want them to see my new cottage.
I cleaned it up some and bought flowers, but really didn't have to do too much. It's amazing how tidy a place can stay if you just pick up after yourself. And have only yourself to answer to.

This morning I made a third in my series for Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative. July's was a star-fabric iris named "It's a Grand Old Flag,;August was a pseudo-replica flag entitled "A High Flying Flag". September's entry will be a peace sign of blueberries over red and white stripes named, of course "Forever in Peace Shall It Wave". Although I was tempted to name it "Red White and Blueberries". This will be about number 33 in my list of submissions to AAQI. Several are backlogged and I expect them to be taken to the Houston quilt show in November to be sold.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another weekend at Emilie's Haus

Another relaxing retreat at Emilie's Quilt Haus in Stonewall. I got a good start on a Christmas quilt for Martha.