Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas

Today is the twelfth  day of Christmas.  So it's time to take down the decorations.  

This quilt (the picture is at Show and Tell at the Guild meeting) is just gorgeous.  Linda Woodward made it and donated it to her local library for a fundraising raffle.  They sold a thousand tickets and I WON IT!!!

The design was published by the Quilt Guild of Dallas Texas in the 80s.  Linda did the applique by hand. She added an original border which makes it even more special.  It's hand quilted and a real work of art.

It spends mosts Christmas seasons on the wall in my living room.  But this year it was shown in public at the local Heritage House museum.   As a backdrop for Santa, it was the star of the exhibit.

Because the ladies of the Guild decorated the museum and staffed its Open House, the museum committee allowed us to sell handmade articles there.  We raised enough money to double our treasury (which is pretty small - it's a small, new guild).     I'm looking forward to some good programs in this next year.   And thinking of earmarking a few baby quilts to be sold at next year's boutique.

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