Monday, October 5, 2015

Awards for the Vanilla Quilt

I entered the Vanilla Quilt in the Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild Show this month.  

On  the first day, I went there to do my "white glove lady" service and was excited to see a red ribbon on it.  A second place.   I've won a couple of second place awards before and was very pleased.

After working a while I started looking at the program and was stunned to see that it had also won a Judges Choice award.   Although it had some technical issues, it pleased one of the judges enough for her to chose it out of 100 quilts as her favorite.  I am really smiling a lot about this.

Can't wait to put it back up on the LR wall.


  1. Yay Congratulations!! That had to be a thrill!!

  2. It was! I'm just an average quilter, but I am very proud of this one.