Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meet Buttercup

I've been waiting for MONTHS for my new car.  The old one got hit in late March and I declined to have it repaired.  It's a Honda Accord.  Fifteen years old and paid for.  Over two hundred thousand miles on it.

So, from the ads, I chose a new Honda Fit. In yellow.  With a manual transmission, as I have fifty years of muscle memory hitting that clutch.  I got my license at 14, which was quite some time ago.

Unfortunately, this was the time that Honda was changing things around a lot.  The plant was moved to Mexico.  No 2014 Fits were made.   The 2015s started rolling off the lines this summer, but Austin didn't get any untill August. And the frist few batches all had  automatic transmissions.   Besides, there were no yellow ones.

In August, my daughter made some calls and found one for me and put down a deposit. It finally came in on September 8. In the showroom, under the halogen lights,  it looked greenish yellow, but outside, it was fine.                                                                                       
My daughter followed me to her house, where we showed it off to her husband and some friends.

The next day, my first venture was downtown to turn in my quilt to the quilt show.

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