Sunday, September 7, 2014


After Portland, I took the Amtrak up to Seattle.  The ride went quckly; my seatmate had been to the Quilt! Knit! Stitch! convention, too.  We chatted the whole way.

The train station in Seattle is just a few blocks from the ferry, so I walked over there and before long, was on my way to Bremerton.

Karen and Doug were excellent hosts.   They treated me like family.

Their guest room is large and pretty.  Karen had provided a number of novels by one of my favorite authors and I enjoyed reading during my afternoon down time.

 Their deck is very peaceful and cool.  It has a smoker and a BBQ pit, so that Doug can show off his manly cooking skills.

The view next to the deck is of the inlet - at high tide there is water, at low tide, not so much.  But it is a very serene setting.

Mr Bun and I enjoyed watching the koi get fed.

On Friday afternoon, about a dozen of Karens friends came over for a party.  Doug cooked and Karen set out the salads we had put together on Thursday.  Her friends include some of the ladies that she worke with at the telephone company.  I had some good conversations and really enjoyed myself.  Her friends are very welcoming and sweet.

While I was there, Karen and Doug closed the sale of the property next door, where Karen's mother had lived for a number of years.

On the ferry into Bremerton, I had seen a Tall Ship coming into the harbor. 

Over the weekend, we went down into town and took tours of the two Tall Ships that were anchored there.

Then we ate Thai food in a restaurant housed in a building that used to contain a bowling alley.

On Monday, we went into Bremerton and strolled through the park next to the Bremerton Naval Yard.  There are shallow pools where waders are welcome and which contain structures looking like the top of a submarine.  Except that there is water spilling over the top and, at intervals,
spouting like whales.

Next to the park is a Navy Museum, and  we did a quick look-around there.
It was a great vacation.  Thank you again, Karen and Doug.  I'm looking forward to seeing you again in October at our High School class reunion!

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