Monday, June 23, 2014

Sewing for the girls

When my great-grandkids were here recently, we went by the fabric store.  Kaycee picked out a green zebra stripe seersucker.  Yesterday I made a sundress for her out of it.  Today I made a purse to match.

For baby sister Olivia,  I made a pinafore sundress.  I used to have a really cute pattern for one.

Today when I looked in the envelope, the instructions were there, but no pattern.

On Facebook, I asked if any of my friends had the original pattern.  Two ladies immediately recognized it but neither still had it.  So funny that all three of us had used it for our daughters.

 I looked online and found one on

It was free and very cute.

I gave it a little bit more flair and will add even more if I make it again.

I'm hoping that the sizes of the two dresses are at least close.

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