Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grandson Brady

Grandson Brady graduated from high school in May.

It was a very moving ceremony, with good speakers.  Not too long, either, which is a plus for this kind of event!

 Grandmothers from Iowa, Kansas, Arizona and Texas were there.

Bonus Mom and Mom wore similar outfits.


Proud Bonus-Dad

Proud dad
Thank you for being here for me!

After the ceremony, the family went to Red Robin for a celebration.   He was given a computer and lots of accessories from his combined four parents and a grandfather.

He opened a number of cards from grandparents, aunts and uncles with money for his college fund.

His brother Jack gave him a bacon-themed  t-shirt.
I gave him a handmade quilt for him to eventual use in his college dorm room.  His thank you note mentioned that it matched his eyes.  What a sweet thing to notice.
After present opening, he gave a short speech thanking everyone for their presence and support.   Well done, Brady.

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