Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Visits

This year at Easter I had special visitors.

Lizz and Rachel came over for lunch on Friday and brought their sons Lane and Madden

The boys used the table that was mine as a little girl.  They liked the teapot that comes with it.

Sweet boys.

 Madden especially liked my Teeny Beanie Baby 'mingos.

He and Lane invented a new game - they moved the vanity bench next to the guest bed, climbed up onto the bed using the bench, and then jumped off the foot of the bed, over the footboard.  Such fun.

On Saturday, I went to my sister's for the traditional Easter hamburgers and pinata bash.

We also had an egg hunt, an egg toss, and cascarones to smash on each other's heads.

Then on Sunday morning, I was visited by a real bunny - what a surprise that was!

Glad my garden has raised beds.  Wonder how high he can hop?

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