Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quilt for Buddy

Buddy is one of my first husband's brothers.  The summer after he graduated from high school, he stayed with us.  It was nice to get to know him better.  He and Dick had lots of fun.   He had a hollow leg and could eat almost anything.  Which was good, because I wasn't a good cook.   He was always good-natured and easy going.
Somewhere along the way, Bud became a preacher.  He is happily married to his second wife and has four kids.  He's in his mid to late fifties, I guess.

Somewhere later along the way, Bud developed lung cancer from second-hand smoke.  It spread to his spine and caused a lot of pain, which he attributed to being older and overweight.  But in January, he had an accident and broke his back.  The MRI showed a number of tumors in his spine.  He's now undergoing radiation and will do chemotherapy.

So.  Where does "Everyday Art" come into play?   With a quilt of course.  I had a huge pile of flannel dumped  donated to me by a friend who moved to Arkansas.  So I cut squares and made a fuzzy-edged quilt for Bud to take into chemo with him.  I hope that it will keep him warm and remind him that he is loved.

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