Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ski Trip

My friend Carmen and I went to Santa Fe last week. She doesn't ski, but she loves Santa Fe. So one day, she drove me up to the ski slopes. I stayed on the green ones, but had a great time. I was glad to know that skiing is still a viable option for me. I definitely plan to do it again. Although I wasn't even that sore, we had scheduled a massage at the Santa Fe School of Massage and it was a good experience. Brenda is a last year student and for such a small woman, has amazingly strong hands!

Carmen and I both like thrift shops, family-owned restaurants, and just walking around looking at the sights, so we had a great time.  We went to the O'Keefe museum and the museum of International Folk Art.  A trip to Sidoni was great - we saw a glass blower doing a vase, lots of sculpture, and some interesting fabric silent wind chiimes.

The orange and yellow object is plexiglass.The spaceship is about eight inches high and bronze.
  This silent wind chime was probably my favorite.  I loved the motion of the fabric rectangles swaying in the breezes. And of course, the menorah of dancing rabbiis just made me smile.

Carmen has a collection of burro statues at home, so we took her picture with some larger statues. We stayed at El Dorado, just a few blocks off the Plaza. This worked out very well in terms of walking to dinner and being able to go back to the room as needed. They had valet parking and very friendly staff. Too bad my camera was set to the wrong date and time. Oh well.

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