Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jack in the Science Lab

Dr. Murray, at Texas A&M Health Science Centers, was given a grant by the Art for Alzheimers Quilt Initiative. When his staff looked for contributors from Bryan/College Station, they found only one - my grandson Jack  They invited him for a tour of the lab. Dr. Murray set up an experiment for him to run. 

 The local TV station and newspaper people were there but I haven't seen any writeup yet.  I'm sure they have better pictures.

 Jack was pretty composed in his interviews, especially since he's only 12.  He made two little quilts for the Art for Alzheimers project, which were sold and the money earmarked for research.  Dr. Murray's project was given one of the grants.  He is looking into the correlation of Alzheimers and diabetes and obesity.

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