Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Iris - week two

OK.  Why did I forget that you've got to have a difference in the VALUE between background and subject?

The Iris itself doesn't look too bad at this point, but it just fades right into the background. 

I'm not feeling this one yet.

But interestingly, now is the right time to transplant iris and I just got a bucketful of corms from my sister.  I planted them all the way up and down my west fence.  And envision a big blooming line of iris in a few years.  Mother's iris were so prolific that they were mentioned in the local paper.  Some of the ones I got from my sister are from those plants.

She says that she doesn't know what colors these will be as she sampled from all over her yard.  Mother had lots of the standard purples and whites and yellows, but she also had some peach ones that I bought for her in the early 80s from Schreiner's.   It will be fun to find out what colors come out in my yard.

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