Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Pillowcases

I bought two pieces of fabric at QuiltFest for new pillowcases to liven up my bed.  When I got them home and washed, they told me that they wanted to stay together.  So I listened to them and used one for the hem.  The green piping was supposed to have been a hem but it looks much better as a small accent.

The HotDog pillowcase method is sooooo easy.
Here's a video of how to do it (even if she does call the selvage "salvage")

I've started a pineapple pattern quilt in white, cream, ecru, ivory, etc.   A good sized quilt for my queen size bed will take 156 blocks and I have about a third done.  I'm thinking that it will be a good foil for bed runners that can be changed easily and frequently.

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