Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kitchen Redo in Progress

 I liked my little kitchen before.  It's very small and part of an open floor plan.  The other half contains my grandmother's table and a blue-painted hutch that I bought last year.

But it didn't make me smile.

I called in my niece and her husband, who removed the cabinet doors and painted all of the cabinetry  a cream color which matches the walls.  They did a great job and the room is much more light filled now.

While they were working, I looked at my cabinet contents with a critical eye and removed some unused dishes, which makes it easier to access the remaining ones.

I"m not totally happy with the contrast between stove and cabinets and am mulling over possible solutions -
     paint the lower cabinets darker?
     get a new stove?
     add color via a new countertop?
     get over it?

Would a floor update help?   That's certainly on my list for later.
New countertops, too.  Mine has a place or two where someone (who could it be?) placed a too-hot dish on it.


Because it's an open floor plan, the kitchen and
living room play together better now.

I really enjoy changing things around and
playing with colors and layouts and shapes

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