Monday, August 12, 2013

Knitted Rug

At Emilie's Quilt House, there is a rug in the Dutch Doll room that looks like an old fashioned rug but is, in fact, knitted from fabric strips.  The owner, Kay, recently finished her move from Austin and is now faced with organizing all of  her "stuff", including many family things.  The pattern for this rug was unearthed - scrawled on hotel stationary from Saratoga Florida.  Dated July 26 (my birthday).

Since I had my "chunk box" of scraps with me on my last visit to Emilie's, I decided to try out the pattern.  It's fun, but hard on the hands.

The pattern didn't give a needle size to work with, but the largest Kay had were 14s and they seem to work well.  

Love the note in the instructions that say "no orange"!  I, of course, ignored that part.

Here's the start, done at Emilies.

Here's a little farther along, durnng Show and Tell at our monthly Bee meeting.

Here's the finished rug:  It's nice nd soft and squishy to stand on.

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