Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunflowers in the back yard

A bit of serendipity from my birdfeeders - I have several clumps of sunflowers growing in my back yard.  They are very tall, higher than the eaves of the house and garage.

The neighborhood kitty likes to hide at their base

Hummingbirds and bees have been seen flitting about in them.. 

It's a bit more difficult to go out into the yard because of where they came up, but I guess you have to "suffer for your art".   ha

This picture was taken in May, before the clump filled out.  Now there are many more stalks and a profusion of blooms.  I've trimmed a few so that I can get the the main part of the yard.

Next year, I definitely need to plant some of these behind my fence, in what I call my "back forty (feet)".

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