Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sunbonnet Sue Uncovered

So, I've had this baby quilt around for a while.  I'm sure that I used it with Martha.  It may have been MY baby quilt.  The top was a crazy quilt, in pastel flannels.

(picture to be inserted here later.)

Looking at it closely, I discovered that there was an older quilt used as the filling, or batting.  My family did this a lot - once a quilt started getting holes or stains, it was put to good use as the inside layer of a new quilt.

Looking even closer, I could tell that the "new" backing had been quilted to the old one first, and then pieces added to the front.  The first pieces to be put on were the edges.  The last was in the center.

I didn't know if the inside quit was a baby quilt or a part of a larger one until I took my seam ripper to it and removed the flannel.  But when I did, I found borders on all four sides.  So I deduce that it was a baby quilt. 

The "crazy quilt" patches were appliqued with a small running stitch (edges having been turned under), pretty much in the style of the original applique.

The hats on the babies have sweet little lazy-daisy embroidery on them.  This is a stitch that my Mother often employed.  I've never seen one on a Sunbonnet Sue before.

EXCEPT that I just found a similar block for sale on Etsy fo $25!

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