Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm having camera problems, so this will be a text only post.
Several of my great nieces have been listing the objects of their gratitude on Facebook.
They've inspired me to think about that, too.
So here goes:
1.  I am grateful that I have a sweet and loving daughter with whom I have a good relationship. I cannot imagine better.
2.  I am grateful that I have a safe, comfortable home.  I love to play with its decoration and I love the ability to express myself with color, art, and shimsey.
3.  I am grateful for my sister and her husband.  It is amazing to find someone who really understands me and loves me.  These two people are always there for me when I need them.  Their home is relaxing and warm and welcoming.
4.  I am grateful for my 13 yo car that is still reliable, efficient, and PAID FOR.
5.  I am grateful for numerous quilting friends who invite me over for conversation and mutually enjoyed activity.  Friends who will come over and provide wonderful company.
6.  I am grateful for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and for their love.
7.  I am grateful for the many wonderful memories of my parents.
8.  I am grateful for my pension and my monthly Social Security check.
9.  I am grateful for my collection of fabric and sewing equipment.
10.  I am grateful that I will be able to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family.
11.  I am grateful that I had two good marriages.  (even if they didn't last as long as I wanted.)
12.  I am grateful that I have found an art teacher who is local, competent, and affordable.
13.  I am grateful that my health insurance pays for my gym membership and has led me to regular excercise.
14.  I am grateful tha my daughter has gotten past her brain surgery with flying colors.
15.  I am grateful that my son-in-law cares so deeply about my daughter and is there for her to lean on.
16.  I am grateful for fresh fruit and veggies from the local HEB.
17.  I am grateful for neighbors who maintain decent lawns without expecting me to be working on mine all the time.
18.  I am grateful that my favorite TV show is now on and I can watch it.......

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