Sunday, August 14, 2011

Party today

I'm having guests over today to celebrate a friend's second retirement. Will be interesting to see what her third career becomes. She's a beautiful and kind person. We met in the seventies when we worked together.
The other ladies are friends from work or work-networking, mostly. Haven't seen them in ages and want them to see my new cottage.
I cleaned it up some and bought flowers, but really didn't have to do too much. It's amazing how tidy a place can stay if you just pick up after yourself. And have only yourself to answer to.

This morning I made a third in my series for Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative. July's was a star-fabric iris named "It's a Grand Old Flag,;August was a pseudo-replica flag entitled "A High Flying Flag". September's entry will be a peace sign of blueberries over red and white stripes named, of course "Forever in Peace Shall It Wave". Although I was tempted to name it "Red White and Blueberries". This will be about number 33 in my list of submissions to AAQI. Several are backlogged and I expect them to be taken to the Houston quilt show in November to be sold.

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