Monday, July 4, 2011

July the Fourth

This morning I went to the parade in Round Rock, mainly because my daughter and SIL were driving their mini in it.
I remembered my large umbella, my bottle of water, my folding chair, and my camera.
It was fun watching all of the children at the parade. Too much candy was thrown, I thought. Not enough music. Not even the high school band. I remember marching in summertime parades in San Antonio, wearing a wool uniform with long pants and a jacket. And a white dress shirt with tie. Whatever were we thinking?

There were monitors to keep people out of the street, wearing yellow t-shirts that read something like "see the need. meet the need. " I thought this was a beautiful thought and tried to do my part by sharing my bit of shade and holding the umbrella to shade a little boy who was hot and tired and should have been taken home.

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